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How MBSR or Mindfulness Can Help You

What s MBSR? MBSR is the acronym for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, which is generally an intensive and organized training combining healthy yoga and meditation. The mindfulness curriculum was originally developed by Mr. Jon Kabat-Zinn based on deep concentration and self-expression, as well as the principle of knowing oneself. Based on the original MBSR curriculum proposed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School has been designed to guide learners on the manner of practicing, integrating, and applying mindfulness on their daily lives. The main intention of a mindfulness course is to create an integrated and structured pathway for increasing well-being and relieving suffering in their daily lives, helping people face and manage the stressors and demands of life.

When it comes to the focus of MBSR, it is actually the familiarization of oneself using informal or formal practices, and recognizing self-worth as innate foundation in the attainment of positive health practices and behaviors. MBSR is considered an effective clinical approach that is used by mindfulness practitioners and participants, extending far beyond completing the MBSR program. In every class of mindfulness, participants will learn the various forms of mindfulness techniques, and the examples of formal practices are sitting meditation, yoga, walking meditation, and body scan. On the other hand, the informal practices of MBSR include speaking, eating, listening, and general mindfulness of everyday activities. In a MBSR curriculum, the general topics covered include exploring automatic and habitual physical, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional patterns of a person, as well as stress identification and coping, and developing skillful and effective responses to the great demands, challenges, and situations of everyday life.

The core of mindfulness evolve in knowing oneself to develop the innate ability to take care of oneself, relate to people, and become an asset to the society. Having an increased awareness of the body every time and everyday is an important aspect of MBSR. The mindfulness teacher offers adaptations or modifications to movements or poses to meet various capacities in class. There are many benefits of MBSR including raised awareness and concentration, and finding new ways to cope with pain, sickness, suffering, and other difficulties of life. Overtime, participants can apply their learning in their everyday lives and experiences.

Through MBSR, you invest on your future and the quality of life you truly deserve. Know yourself, be happy, and choose to become more positive towards yourself and your life. Do you want to join a MBSR or mindfulness training course? If you want to discover more about yourself, your inner potentials, and develop more confidence, passion, and love for yourself, join a MBSR course today. Allow our mindfulness or MBSR practitioners and coaches to help you make this happen by checking our homepage or website today!

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